Dania Beach, FL- The Dania Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (DBCRA) is proud to announce the launch of the Dania Beach Business Academy (DBBA) which is offering a series of free educational programs to support and shape the business community. Designed to set businesses up to succeed, the programs will be offered in the form of online courses free of charge to admitted registrants as part of the DBCRA’s investment to strengthen our businesses. The first program entitled Passions to Profits will begin on Thursday, July 8, 2021.  Classes in Passions to Profits will cover, From Hobbyist to Entrepreneur, Start Up Your Business for Success, A Good Business Plan & Savvy Financial Plan is Your Map to Success, and finally, Money to Start and Grow Your Business.

According to K Michael Chen DBCRA Executive Director, “the DBCRA is creating an Innovation Ecosystem with platforms to support entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures. This first program targets business hopefuls and businesses emerging from the impact of COVID currently navigating their way through an economy seeking its way back to normalcy”.

The DBCRA has organized an executive partnership with academic and business organizations dedicated to economic development. The first DBBA Passions to Profits program consists of four (4) classes, held for two (2) hours a week, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm over four (4) consecutive weeks. Those attending all four classes will be designated as DBBA Graduates and will receive a graduation certificate, be acknowledged by the CRA Board/City Commission, and recognized on the DBCRA multimedia platforms.

The DBBA has received support from a number of Academic partners, and business entities and their statements are noted below:

“The Broward Technical Colleges; Atlantic, McFatter & Sheridan are proud of our partnership with the DBBA. We enjoy our collaboration to assist residents and businesses gain and increase their skills for personal and economic success. “- Lynn Goldman, Community Relations Coordinator, Broward Technical Colleges & Technical High Schools (Atlantic, McFatter & Sheridan)

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), over 543,000 new business are founded every month in the US. 47.5% of the country’s total workforce is employed by small businesses. Only 50% of small businesses survive 5 years.

Dr. J. Chris Ford, Mission-to-Market Manager and Principal Scientist at Florida International University (FIU) says, “FIU is excited to support the cultivation of entrepreneurs in South Florida. FIU’s Mission-to-Market initiative is committed to developing a thriving and inclusive innovation ecosystem in South Florida. We are thrilled with our collaboration with the city of Dania Beach’s Business Academy and its targeted impact on the South Florida business community.”

The DBBA innovative economic ecosystem will have many different platforms available to support businesses in all life cycles – from start-up to growth opportunities, to revitalizing a long-term business. The specific components the Dania Beach CRA is committed to establish includes education, location & events, mentorship, incubation and acceleration, funding, and talent.

"In the current uncertain climate, young people are realizing more than ever that entrepreneurship offers an opportunity for personal empowerment," says NFTE President and CEO, Dr. J.D. LaRock.

To qualify for the Dania Beach Business Academy applicants must be interested in learning the fundamentals of starting a business, developing business survival skills, and turning ideas into profitable enterprises.

“We are proud to help shape Dania Beach’s current and future business owners and leaders by participating in the Passion to Profits Business Academy. The successful completion of the program will help strengthen the economic base of the community, provide jobs and build civic strength.” says Joseph Gray, Sr. Director at National Development Council

The Dania Beach Business Academy is an executive partnership with the Dania Beach CRA, SCORE Broward, Florida International University/US Department of Energy - Mission-To-Market (M2M), the National Development Council (NDC), Atlantic Technical College (ATC), Business Briefings, McFatter Technical College, and the Alliance of Entrepreneur Resource Organizations of Broward County (AERO).

Classes include From Hobbyist to Entrepreneur, Start Up Your Business for Success, A Good Business Plan & Savvy Financial Plan is Your Map to Success, and finally Money to Start and Grow Your Business.

Interested persons will need to complete the online application at


For more information visit www.DaniaBeachCRA.Org or email cra@daniabeachfl.gov