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About Us

The Dania Beach CRA was created by the City of Dania Beach and functions under Florida Law (Chapter 163 Part III). The CRA’s activities are designed to solve the underlying problems of slum and blight within the urban core and its neighborhoods through sound planning, sustainable development, redevelopment and economic development. The CRA’s 1,349 acres includes the high profile downtown, marine district and urban neighborhoods. To achieve redevelopment and revitalization of these areas,the CRA engages residents, business leaders, and community stakeholders, to champion the cause of ongoing economic and social development activities.  Devising solutions, for redevelopment to bolster the economic wellbeing of the City, continues to be the major objective for the CRA.

Board Members

A. J. Ryan IV
(305) 985-9802
Lori Lewellen
Joyce L. Davis
Board Member
Tamara James
Board Member
Marco A. Salvino, Sr.
Board Member

CRA Staff

K. Michael Chen
Executive Director
954-924-6801 ext. 3732
Denise​​​​ Greenstein
CRA Executive Assistant
954-924-6801 ext. 3750