In response to the economic crisis as a result of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the Dania Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has launched a Small Business Resiliency Reimbursement Grant Program (Grant) to assist businesses locating and operating within the CRA Redevelopment Area.


In the wake of the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and the fact financial help from existing relief programs may not be sufficient and/or available to all, the Dania Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has developed the Dania Beach CRA Small Business Resiliency Reimbursement Grant Program. This Program is aligned with the adopted CRA Plan. The purpose of the reimbursable Grant is to assist with local businesses recovery through resources to promote and practice the highest standards of health and safety for the operating environment. The Grant is also intended to market and advertise local CRA businesses in an effort to maintain and generate business activity.


At least fifty (50) qualifying small businesses in the Redevelopment Area will benefit from this reimbursable Grant which offers up to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per each CRA approved Grant. Acceptance in this Program is based on a policy of first-come, first-qualified, first-served. Applications will be received and processed until all Grant funding has been exhausted. Submittal of an application does not guarantee that a Grant will be awarded to the business.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA - To be eligible for this Reimbursement Grant, your business must meet the following conditions:

  1. Employ 10 employees or less (including the owner).
  2. Be located within the Dania Beach CRA boundaries (Redevelopment Area map is provided).
  3. Applicable Broward County/state/city licenses must be up to date.
  4. Dania Beach Business Tax Receipt must be in paid status. Applicant must be a business that was or becomes operational (as evidenced by a Certificate of Occupancy or City of Dania Beach Business Tax Receipt) prior to August 1, 2020.
  5. Owner/Operator or Applicant shall have no outstanding liens, code violations, pending litigation with the Dania Beach CRA or City of Dania Beach or any unpaid ad valorem property taxes (if owner of the property).
  6. Only one application, per business is allowed and the application must be signed by the president/general manager/majority owner of the business. Applicants may not submit multiple applications using different partners, family members or other persons.
  7. If any individual is the Principal/Owner for more than one eligible business, the Principal/owner may only sign the application on behalf of one business. (Note: this means that if one or more eligible businesses have a Principal/Owner in common, only one of those businesses may apply for the Program, even if the business(es) has(have) more than one Principal/Owner).
  8. Applications must be completed in full, signed and submitted via mail or e-mail to be considered. Applications may not be hand-delivered by the applicant.
  9. Submit appropriate invoice(s) and proof of payment with back-up documentation acceptable to CRA.
  10. To qualify for receipt of the reimbursement payment a business must be “open and in” business as determined by the CRA, in its sole discretion.

ELIGIBLE USES - The Grant funds can be used to reimburse the eligible business for the following expenditures:

  • Cleaning/sanitation supplies and/or services that will allow a small business to maintain an on-site workforce by reducing exposure to COVID-19.
  • Personal protective equipment and health safety equipment.
  • Signage promoting health safety standards.
  • Advertising and marketing expenses to encourage patronage during shelter in place orders and during/after reopening period.
  • Services, tools or equipment for businesses to convert to online sales or delivery or outdoor service during shelter in place orders and during/after reopening period.
  • Remote access equipment or software that allows employees to work from home (e.g. computers, printers, telephones, headsets, video conferencing software, etc.).
  • Other expenditures related to the intent of the grant as determined by the CRA, in its sole discretion.

INELIGIBLE USES - The Grant funds may not be used to reimburse the eligible business for the following expenditures:

  • Hazard pay;
  • Rent/mortgage;
  • Utilities;
  • Employee wages/benefits;
  • Support services such as childcare, transportation costs, lodging expenses, or meals.
  • Other expenditures unrelated to the intent of the Grant as determined by the CRA, in its sole discretion.

ELIGIBLE BUSINESSES include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accounting Offices
  • Bakeries
  • Boutiques — clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Fitness Facilities — yoga, dance exercise, martial arts, etc.
  • Florists
  • Gourmet Food Markets
  • Hair/Nail Salons and Barbershops
  • Home businesses registered with a commercial business address within the City
  • Home day cares
  • Home Decor/Design businesses—home furnishings, art galleries, kitchen wares
  • Insurance Offices
  • Law Offices
  • Marketing Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Restaurants (including take-out)
  • Specialty Retail Businesses — antiques, stationery, gifts, sporting, goods
  • Tattoo Parlor/Body, Piercing/Body Art Shops
  • Other commercial businesses deemed eligible by the CRA, in its sole discretion.

INELIGIBLE BUSINESSES include but are not limited to the following:

  • Firearm Sales/Shooting Ranges
  • Religious-affiliated retail Stores
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Adult Gambling arcade/casino
  • Check Cashing Stores
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Vapor Cigarette, E-Cigarette Stores
  • Bars or liquor stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Churches/places of worships
  • Alcohol and/or Drug Rehabilitation Centers/Housing
  • Vacation rentals, hotels or motels
  • Home-based business or business registered with a residential address
  • Other commercial businesses deemed ineligible by the CRA, in its sole discretion.


Completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted beginning on August 1, 2020 via e-mail only. Emails may be sent to with subject “Small Business Grant”.

PROOF OF PAYMENT FOR REIMBURSEMENT - To be reimbursed, businesses must provide the CRA with the following:

  • A copy of the paid invoice and a receipt which should clearly identify the business, the business address and state a full description of the item/s that were purchased or the services that were obtained by the business, and a statement or stamp that says PAID.
  • A copy of the method of payment:
    • If paid by check, a copy of both sides of the cancelled check.
    • If paid by credit card, a copy of the credit card receipt to confirm payment for the invoice was made to the vendor/service provider.
    • If paid by cash, a copy of the cash receipt which must note CASH paid in full with the signature of the vendor/service provider.


Once approved for the Grant, the business must provide the Dania Beach CRA with an invoice for the Grant funds.
A sample invoice is provided below as an example. The invoice must include the following:

  • Invoice to Dania Beach CRA
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Amount
  • Description – Small Business Grant and Items being reimbursed


For questions regarding the Dania Beach CRA Small Business Resiliency Program, please email or call 954-924-6801.

Download the Dania Beach CRA Small Business Resiliency Reimbursement Grant Program here: